Carl Wilhelm Bordsenius

This is the official homepage of Stig Bordsenius.

Which does not say anything really. Most of it is from the middle of the 1990's
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Italian motorcycle database

A database of italian bikes. Add one yourself!

Apple Norway - web from 1995

I made all of it.


I have a blog. have some pride, stay away.

Norsk moto guzzi klubb anno 1996

The norwegian moto guzzi club home page, from 1996. Retro-web!


A childs toy, in DHTML.


Fish - as drawn by Ylva age 3.
I felt thay needed to come to life, and DHTML did the trick.


Virtual reality, in the form of Quicktime VR. A lot about coffee, but some others as well.

Origo 1996

In 1996 I was employed in an early dot-com startup . Somehow I managed to preserve pictures of vitually all employees, and this is what they looked like in 1996.

Kongeriket Norges Grundlov anno 1869

THe Norwegian constitution, in Norwegian, scanned from a document from 1869


In 1995 all decent homepages had links. I have them too. is my other home page. It was nominated for the "European Internet Journalism Award" in 2000 in competition with the BBC and the European Football Championship 2000.

A parody of the national altinn-service, that basically always crashes.

Stop wasting your time online

Do not invite me to yet another online-community. They want to lock you in one place and make a profit selling your personal profile.
Call me, I'm in real life.

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