Moto Guzzi Related Links

New links will be added when I find them, or you send them to me . You are more than welcome to do so!
Here you find Euro-moto, Moto Guzzi- mailing-lists, BMW mailing-lists and some massive picture archives. Good stuff, thanks to H.Marc Lewis!

C.Sambuco Moto Guzzi Page
Here you can have a pick between English and Italian pages, and both tell the story of Moto Guzzi in the past and present.

Markolf Gudjons Motorcycle pages.
With a massive list of MotorCycle sites.

Pagina Casa della Motocicletta Moto Guzzi
Although this sounds Italian, all except the front page is in english. One of the first Guzzi-sites I visited, it's been up since 1994.

Rec.Motorcycles.Reviews Archives Home Page

Karl Spiegels Guzzi Page

Japanese Guzzi Page
Give a big hand, and a mouseclick for this one. Finally a Japanese Guzzi page!

News from the bike press

Norsk Motor Cykkel Union

The Laverda official home page
Laverda is finally on the web, with a complete listing of available products and a section with historic material. Not quite finished yet, but it looks very promising.

The home page of Euro-moto, the mailing list for all of us who are interested in European Motorcycles. It also contains some bike-images and a complete collection of the Euro-moto DIgest.

Harry Feltsadas home page
Very nice looking site, especially interesting if you have a V50 or is interested in the history of the Moto Guzzi factory.

Looks good, but as all of it is in German I havent got the foggiest idea what it really is about. Some really neat pictures though.

Moto Guzzi BoTT Home page
A very good BoTT page from Holland with some amazing stories how you can modify your Guzzi into a monster

Moto Guzzi Club Netherland Home Page
This is the official Moto Guzzi Club of Netherland. Good looking, but all of it is in dutch. But here it is in english. Looks like I have some catching up to do!

Milan Motor Show

Moto Guzzi National Owners Club News USA

San Diego Guzzi Page

MC-link, the world on line!

Moto International Catalog


British Motorcycles
How did this get here?

Commercial Zone

Motomecca Home Page
Looks like they have a lot of spares here, but the pages are extremely lousy done, and the product/price list is a 270 odd kilobytes text-file.The site looks much better now that they have used my counter..

Chili Coating
This looks interesting. An electrically heated waistcoat! Makes me wonder what my already overloaded generator would say?

Radar Detectors
Wow, this must be just the thing for those lucky Sport and Daytona-owners...